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The NextCycle Michigan Showcase took place October 6-7, 2022, in collaboration with the Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) ‘Season of Innovation: Fall into Recycling’ event. The NextCycle Showcase is the closing milestone for participating teams and an opportunity to highlight the innovative initiatives accelerated through the program which are advancing recycling, recovery, and reuse projects across Michigan. This year there was $51,600 in prize money awarded to NextCycle Teams in addition to a special announcement made by EGLE Director, Liesl Clark, announcing $4.5M in grants being awarded to NextCycle Teams and Partners.

Clark reflected in her opening remarks during the award ceremony, “The [NextCycle] solutions demonstrated here these past two days—and the significant investments we have made together recently to grow a robust circular economy—reflect that same spirit and emphasis on building a stronger, healthier, more prosperous and equitable Michigan.”

An experienced team of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders were invited to help judge the Showcase to allocate the prize funds to NextCycle Teams. They gave feedback to the finalists and ultimately choose the 2022 Showcase winners.

Michael Czarnota, Founder & CEO of ReCharge ReCycling, had to say, “ Without the mentorship of EGLE and NextCycle, ReCharge ReCycling would not be on the path we’re on – ready to innovate and scale technology for the tsunami of EV batteries needing repurposing or recycling. We are grateful and thankful for the support and guidance they have provided to us.” In March of 2022, EGLE provided ReCharge ReCycling with a $20,000 NextCycle mentorship grant which was used to develop ReCharge ReCycling’s business plan and pitch

Centrepolis Accelerator Award

The Centrepolis Accelerator Award goes to Recharge Recycling. This team is developing a phased approach to collect, discharge, test, refurbish and ultimately process and recycle Lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles and other sources.

Located below is a link to the official pitch video.